makes a radical mmv of a manga that no one has read hell yea


Souda Plays Amnesia


I finished sdr2 last night and this happened

its this song again

shingeki no kyojin spoilers up to ep 12!!

please watch in HD!!

Just Know You’re Not Alone”

here have an amv

temp0ral shenanigans

Happy 4/13 guys!!

French music with homestuck.
Didnt work out so well„,
And I am literally using all of Chiikaboom’s songs because she makes the most inspirational amvs. 

"Le Bien qui fait Mal" by Mozart l’Opéra Rock

So yeah this took a lot longer thank expected. Timings a little off, but that’s because youtube’s a butt sometimes. Lots of flashes and shit.

Sail - Awolnation

The Prelude

I seriously made this in like an hour.

Oh god this is so messy I am sorry guys.

Also I am horrible at cutting songs

Guess who made a video in a day instead of studying for finals?

Sorry for ruining amazing songs with my shit editing.

ALSO HUSSIE i ran out of clips and pictures and had to cut the song put more rose into homestuck now please

Why are you making videos leandra no one likes videos god!

Especially not shitty videos you put together in like 5 days on wmm.