i am late for 3/14 artwork but i had to make this done

welp, hope that you guys like it

full view

note: the girl at the end, is the character from the homestuck-game


make a wish!


“You played a good game. You fought long and hard, met some great friends along the way, and even lost some of those that were dear to you. But you don’t have to worry anymore. Now the only thing left for you to do is rest.

You’ve won.”

yo happy 413 you guys heres to hoping we (dont) have an update today

"It’s a story about some kids who are friends over the internet. They decide to play a game together. There are major consequences. Saying anything more about the plot here would probably be getting in too deep. It gets fairly complicated. One of the goals was to begin with extremely simple, mundane circumstances, and allow reader participation combined with some preplanned elements to grow the story quickly and spontaneously, into something much bigger, more dynamic, and more intricate as a natural result of this approach." (x)

Homestuck : From 4/13/09 - 4/13/14
4/13/14 (No Update as of right now.)


some hato doods!


For toastyhat, who wanted Rosa and Signless doing some actiony thing, so I drew them risking to face off zombies in the harsh daylight to get ahead of their highblood pursuers.

Take care buddy  ^u^

This round, round cake… who could it be?


The Great Beyondimage


click and drag its transparent


click and drag its transparent